Sam And Max Versus The Nipple Ring Vampire

If you aren't sold on Telltale Games episodic adventures of Steve Purcell's Sam and Max now that they're nearly three episodes into Season Two, I don't know what to say to you other than shirtless raver vampire with pierced nipples. This is the trailer for episode 3 of Season 2, Night of the Raving Dead, and as always the team at Telltale have managed to deliver a trailer almost as entertaining as playing the game itself. The old-timey black and white with German-language title boards grabs you, and Max shaking his little rabbit-thing ass towards the end reels you in. Look for Night of the Raving Dead for free on GameTap come February 12th, or for not-free at Telltale's website a day later. I leave you with this thought - would a vampire's healing factor reject piercings?


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