Say, Did You Know How Many Wii Games Suck?

Next-Gen's Matt Matthews, perhaps the internet's #1 fan of game-related, coloured graphs, has dug through GameRanking's average review scores and discovered something a lot of you could probably have guessed anyways: when you add up all the Wii reviews and average them out, they're a little... awful.

How awful? See above. While every console of the past eight years (sorry Dreamcast) have seen their games average around 69-71%, the average Wii score is only 64%. Which leads to much hypothesising in the piece about reviewers not "understanding" the Wii, theories on the impact of shovelware and how the Wii is short on AAA titles (Madden 07, for example, is still in the top 10-ranked games for the platform).

The full article has a lot more graphs and charts than just that one, so head on over if you'd like to see/read more.
What's With Wii's Low Review Scores? [Next-Gen]


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