SCEA Boss Understandably Chuffed Over Blu-Ray Triumph

While consumer-level stakeholders on the Blu-Ray side of the great format wars of 06-08 (ie the pawns) are happy enough, imagine how the Sony top brass are feeling right now. They're so excited they just can't hide it. Take SCEA boss Jack Tretton, for example:

The emergence of Blu-ray as the de facto high definition standard is one more reason why PS3 is a great value to consumers...The combination of strong sales, Blu-ray dominance and widely-anticipated games all point to 2008 as a breakthrough year for PS3.

Don't know about the games just yet (anyone who thinks MGS4 can carry 2008 on its own is dreaming), but the strong sales and Blu-Ray dominance bits both check out.
Sony US responds to HD-DVD demise [Eurogamer]


    Lol that looks cool

    "mgs4 carrying ps3 on it own"what are talking?littlebigplanet,killzone 2,gt5,resistance 2.

    lots of great games

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