Score An Xbox LIVE Gold Membership For $US 38.75

Here's a quick heads up if you'd like to save some cash. While you can usually snag an Xbox LIVE Gold membership for under the retail $US 50 price, is offering them for just $US 38.75. Oh, but there's like $US 5 in shipping, you say? Nope. Free shipping. Did you get that? Free shipping!!!

At this price, Xbox LIVE is just about $US 3/month. So low that's it's pretty damn tough to complain about Microsoft charging for the privilege of online fun...but don't you get any ideas, Sony.

Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Subscription Card (FREE 1 Month Bonus) [Buy via BargainJack]


    They don't ship outside of the USA:
    " ships within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii only. At this time we are unable to process International shipments and orders going to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands."

    Have a mate in the US accept the product for you. Remember Sales Tax is charged for these US States: California, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. Avoid "mates" from those states and no sales tax.
    Then get them to send you the code over email, phone call, etc.
    Bingo. 13 months of Live for around $42 (conversion rate depends).

    so i can buy a cheap us xbox live subscription (eg from ebay) and ues it in australia?

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