Sealed Copy of Chrono Trigger Auction Closes at Over 1k

sealedchrono.jpg The auction for the sealed copy of Chrono Trigger I wrote about yesterday has closed and the coveted game went or a whopping $US 1,217. The winning bidder will be a bit poorer but will have one hell of a piece of game history in their hands. If your itching to drop a load of money on a sealed NES game and missed out on this one, you can still get a bid in on this copy of MegaMan X2. Opening bid is $US 1,000. I'm truly amazed... I guess it's true that things are ultimately worth whatever someone will pay for them.


    Makes me think I might just buy a sealed copy of Mario Galaxy ad keep it for 15 years, could make a nice buck out of it :D

    Wouldn't mind that copy of Megaman though...

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