Sega Marches Valkyria Chronicles Westward

Remember that beautiful trailer for Sega's Japanese tactical RPG Valkyrie of the Battlefield (Senjou no Valkyria) we were all drooling over back in September? Come this Autumn we'll be doing far more than drooling, as Sega announces the rechristened Valkyria Chronicles for the North American and European PlayStation 3. The game tells the story of a hero named Welkin and the members of the Federation's 7th Platoon, as they struggle to stop the evil Empire from taking over a small neutral country. The game's stunning graphics are courtesy of the Sega -developed CANVAS engine, which simulates a watercolour painting in motion. As for gameplay, the game uses a new battle mechanic called BLiTZ, which allows players to move around the map and attack enemies using real-time controls. If the game plays as amazing as it looks, the PS3 might have one hell of an exclusive come this Fall.

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