Settlement Reached In PS3 Police Shooting

The PlayStation 3 launch was a dark time for gaming. Robberies, fistfights, and of course, the tragic shooting of 18-year-old college student and suspected PS3 thief Payton Strickland, shot through his door as policeman Christopher Long allegedly mistook the sounds of a battering ram for gunfire. Now a year and three months from the December 1st 2006 shooting, the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office has agreed to a massive settlement with the victim's family, along with a taped apology from Sheriff Sid Causey.

"I am profoundly sorry," Causey said against a backdrop of the United States and North Carolina flags. "I cannot begin to imagine the immense sorrow the Strickland family must continue to feel, but they will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. It is my hope that the Strickland family will accept this apology and know that it is offered with compassion and sincerity."

How much does a fatal mistake cost? According to county officials, $US 2.45 million. Strickland family spokesperson Joyce Fitzpatrick says the money will go towards establishing a foundation for need-based scholarships.

"The Stricklands were not interested in money," she said. "That cannot bring their son back."

Sheriff apologises to Strickland family; county to pay $US 2.45 million []


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