Seven, Lucky Seven

To: Crecente
From: Luke

Today=excitement! It was the drawing day for our local land ballot. Confused? Let me explain. Me and the girl are looking at buying house. Well, building a house (so we get it juuuust right). Thing is, for every block of vacant land that goes on sale in the Australian Capital Territory, there's 4-6 people who want to buy it. Our local territory government's solution? Land ballots. You put your name down, you get a number, the number's put on a ball, the ball's put in a barrel with hundreds of other balls (they do big plots of land all at once), and winners are chosen. Just like the lottery. If you're picked, you get to buy a block of land (you know, typing it out like this makes it seem crazy). Anyway, the drawing was today, and the results are published on Wednesday. My fingers are well and truly crossed.

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    Good luck man, there's enough hurdles in this country between you and your house, so hopefully you make it through this one easily.

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