Shane Kim On The Future Of The 360

Wired's Chris Kohler got the chance to interview Microsoft's Shane Kim while at DICE, and did not keep things brief. Good news for us, since Kim decides to talk about all kinds of things, from the challenges facing the 360 in Europe ("we're going to ramp up the focus") to the 360's pre-eminence among developers ("Xbox 360 is the lead development platform for 80% of the titles, maybe more now, being developed in the industry") to how they're going to trump the PS3 with the launch of GTA IV ("We already own it, I believe, from a content standpoint, because we have the exclusive episodes"). All interesting stuff! But my favourite comes when discussing Crackdown, where Kim says that despite Real Time Worlds moving onto something else, Microsoft "still love Crackdown", and are very aware that "customers would like to see more in that space". You're damn right we would. Hit the link for the full interview, it's a good read.
Interview: Shane Kim Talks Xbox In 2008 [Game|Life]


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