Sharp, Hitachi Accused Of Price-Fixing Over DS LCD Screens

Sharp and Hitachi make the small LCD screens used by Nintendo on the DS. They're also in a bit of trouble! Both companies have been raided by Japan's antitrust regulator, after suspicions were raised that the pair have been involved in price-fixing over the handheld's screens. All very unsurprising, considering the popularity of the handheld and Nintendo's reliance on outside companies for the DS's components. None of the parties involved - Sharp, Hitachi, Nintendo or the regulators - have issued a statement regarding the allegations. If they're found guilty, it'll probably result in a lowering of screen prices and a reduction in costs for Nintendo, but if you think that'll also result in a cheaper DS for you, you're kidding yourself.
Sharp, Hitachi Displays Probed by Japan's Fair-Trade Regulator [Bloomberg]


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