Shinobi, The Skin Flick

SEGA video game Shinobi? Not so risky! Shinobi the adult flick? MAXIMUM RISKY. Rule 34 aside, some unscrupulous individuals have turned SEGA's flagship ninja series into something, well, risqué, substituting shuriken and ninjato for more embarrassing weapons. Like the most recent Shinobi game Nightshade, this Edo-era Shinobi naughty flick features a female lead — several, rather, but in various phases of indignity. The movie stars Ruka Uehara, Shizuku Tsukino, Yuka Satsuki, Shuri Himesaki and Hitomi Hasegawa (all Wiki links). After the jump, we've put the MAXIMUM amount box art as we possibly can!

Keep in mind the disgraceful links below are TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You've been warned.
Shinobi Skin Flick [NSFW via NSFW Bizarre Japan]


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