Should Nintendo Bring Back The "Seal Of Quality"?

seal.jpg As part of their regular analyst roundtable feature, Gamasutra have asked three analysts - Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter, Jesse Divnich of The simExchange and Screen Digest's Ed Barton - a question hanging limply from so many of your own lips: Should Nintendo bring back the "Nintendo Seal of Quality"? Divnich says no, because the seal existed to stop piracy, not as an act of quality-control. Pachter says it doesn't matter, because the Wii will keep selling. And Barton, well, he gets a little snooty, saying:

The perception that Wii games need more rigorous standards arises largely from vocal hardcore gamers who cannot, and do not want to, believe that a collection of mini-games is hammering their peccadillo du jour in the marketplace.

Rolleyes.gif. Ed, we're not talking about genres, we're talking about quality. Endless minigame compilations on the Wii would be fine by me, so long as they were good. As it stands, they're not, and once the shine of the console and Wii Sports wears off, it's good games that Wii owners are going to need to keep them from throwing it in the back of the closet.
Analyze This: Should There Be A 'Wii Seal of Quality'? [Gamasutra]


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