Sid Meier Considering MMO

sidmeiermmo.jpgThe man who brought you Civilization, Pirates!, and Railroads! is looking to capture a larger audience - all at once. Speaking to GamersGlobal, the legendary Sid Meier considers the possibility of stepping into the massively multiplayer realm of online gaming.

I enjoy the idea of doing something I haven't done before, so a MMO would fit perfectly, but I really can't say if that would be the next game we do or if it's still a couple of games down the road before we come to that. Because I have new single player games I want to do, as well.

While the rest of the interview mainly deals with the upcoming Civilization Revolution, I found myself stuck musing on what Meier would bring to the MMO genre - other than a giant, persistent-world Civilization, of course. I'd suggest a Pirate MMO, but Flying Lab more or less just released Pirates! Online.

Sid Meier on Civilization Revolution and his next plans
[GamersGlobal via EuroGamer]


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