Silicon Knights Gets Cash Infusion For Whatever's After Too Human

Too Human and Eternal Darkness developer Silicon Knights got a little walking around money from the Video Game Prototype Initiative for an unannounced title. Numbers-wise, it's a cool half-million Canadian bucks that will go toward a multi-platform title scheduled for 2010. The game, which wasn't discussed by name, seems to be the third project in development at the studio, with Too Human (hopefully) wrapping up soon and a Sega-published product already over three years in development.

The mystery "third-person action/psychological thriller" may very well be published by Sega, however, as SK prez Denis Dyack has said the relationship with the label is a "long term opportunity." We trust that Denis knows exactly what a long term opportunity is and look forward to learning more about Eternal Darkness II. Oops, I mean, whatever "Project Number 3" is going to be.

Eternal Darkness 2? []


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