Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

With the popularity of Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. Brawl showing no signs of slowing overseas, Wii hardware is back on top. Normally reserved for Nintendo DS hardware, the Wii has ruled the Media Create roost since Brawl's release in Japan. Things have cooled considerable on the PlayStation 3 front, with this past week showing the Wii outselling Sony's big box five-to-one. Maybe news of Metal Gear Solid 4's release will start moving some units, but we don't expect to see a big spike until Old Snake ships.

The console war in Japan went down like so during the week of February 18 to 24.

  • Wii - 63,504
  • PSP - 53,373
  • Nintendo DS - 50,151
  • PlayStation 3 - 14,060
  • PlayStation 2 - 9,634
  • Xbox 360 - 2,001

Media Create Weekly Sales


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