Smash Bros Not Working? Quit Smoking

smokeywii.jpg After reports emerged of Brawl encountering errors upon booting (and also of sluggish video playback), Nintendo have sat down, looked at the problem and decided that problem is not on their end. It's on your end! They reckon it's all down a dirty disc lens, caused by a buildup of dust and...tobacco. Other games haven't seen this problem because Smash Bros is one of the few Wii games to date to ship on a super-sensitive, dual-layer DVD. And because Average Joe can't clean a disc lens himself, Nintendo are offering to clean affected Wiis for free, no doubt in exchange for some condescending comments about how to better take care of your console. So there you have it, Japan. Quit smoking! It's bad for your health and your Wii.
Nintendo to Clean Japanese Wiis Over Smash Bros. Errors [IGN]


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