SNL Threatened By Guitar Hero

Saturday Night Live boss Lorne Michaels spoke with the New York Times about the trails and tribulations of a live weekly comedy show trying to regain its footing after the Hollywood writer's strike left viewers hanging for nine weeks. He's worried about getting viewers back - not from other shows, but from video games.

"Our competition is not so much other television shows as it is Guitar Hero," he said, referring to the popular video game. The strike wiped out nine scheduled "SNL" shows, and it came at the worst possible time.

Honestly, every time I hear someone talk about Saturday Night Live I still find myself surprised the show still runs after all of these years, but Lorne needs not fear gaming. He should embrace it. Only until we have a Laser Cats video game can the healing begin.

'SNL' Is Ready to Make Up for Lost Time [The New York Times]


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