So, Which Nintendo Team Made Wii Fit?

Alright, so who made Wii Fit? Yes, Nintendo. We all know that. But which one?! In the recent "Iwata Asks" over at, all is revealed:

Miyamoto: The make-up of the Wii Fit team was really varied. The design and sound staff, for example, were brought in directly from Twilight Princess. I was a little afraid at first that a group of people who'd worked on something like that wouldn't take a completely atypical project like this as seriously, but in the end I had nothing to worry about because they all worked very hard on Wii Fit.

Iwata: No one would say, "I didn't join Nintendo just so I could work on something like this."

Miyamoto: Instead of just handing the game over to a team of novice designers because of the game's relatively simple look, I decided that the nature of the game itself required the kind of people who've worked on games such as Twilight Princess. That's why the team members were all really experienced people, and I'm really grateful that they all worked together to create this great game.

So if and when you finally get Wii Fit, just think: They could've been working on another Zelda game. Instead, we got a Nintendo branded scale!
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