So, Which Publisher's Games Get The Best Scores?

Picking through the bones of EA's analyst presentations from earlier this week, I found this handy little chart. It's innocent enough at first glance - it comes amidst a bunch of other, boring charts - but this one's a little more fun. It shows what each major publisher's average review score on Metacritic for 2007 was. What a handy reference point! Thanks EA. As you'd expect, Nintendo and Sony's first-party offerings top the list, while at the other can see the net result of Ubisoft's fascination with shovelware and Nintendo consoles. As for Atari, well...the chart starts all the way up at 60%, so...yeah.


    why isn't Valve up there? they would be on the top. did EA piblish Orange box?

    They published the boxed version.

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