So Your Girl Needs A New Shirt?

Say there's a special someone in your life. That special someone is partial to the ol' video gaming. Thing is, her's kinda ratty. One part of you finds that endearing - in a cute, bohemian kinda way - the other half just thinks it's kinda ratty. That other half may want to buy her a new shirt. One that both gets her a new shirt and manages to cram a shitload of gaming controllers (including the Boomerang!) into its design. If so, you really can't go past this one, from FIFTY24SF. You can get it at the link below (search for FIFTY24SF in women's shirts).

womshirt2.jpg Of course, if you are a girl, please disregard above advice and head straight for the checkout. If you're an incredibly petit man...hey, it's worth a shot.
[Digital Gravel]


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