Social Responsibility and the Chinese Gaming Scene

thebundatnight.JPG Henry Jenkins, an MIT professor who was at the International Games and Learning Forum in Shanghai earlier this month, has some very interesting general and gaming-specific observations on his blog - perhaps most interesting of all were his thoughts on the issue of addiction, social obligations of game companies, the piracy issue and a lot more - his somewhat-lengthy roundup is a great little synopsis of what I imagine were some really fascinating discussions. The connection between the one child policy (and the attendant 'little emperor' syndrome) and fears about gaming addiction among Chinese youth is not one I'd really thought of before:

Several folks in the Chinese games industry stressed the ways that online gaming reflected the loneliness and isolation of single children who were forced to reach out beyond their own families or even local communities in search of playmates. Whether understood literally or metaphorically, this link between the one child family and the debates about games addiction helps to explain the intensity of this concern.

There are lots of interesting thoughts contained within if you keep an eye on the Chinese gaming scene - and several other entries relating to this Shanghai forum are worth taking a look see at.

Games and Social Responsibility — Perspectives from Shanghai [via CNET]


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