Some Totally Hatin' on PlayStation Home

We're pretty excited about PlayStation Home. Theoretically, it sounds cool, and we are keen to see how it plays out. But that's us. What does Japan think? Dunno! We do know what readers of Japanese game mag Famitsu think and they're hating on it. In the most recent issue of the mag, the question was "What do you think about member services like PlayStation Home?" Here's the breakdown:
• 27.3 percent are interested in trying it out
• 37.3 percent don't care
• 35.4 percent dislike such services
Yikes! Quotes to drive home the hatorade after the jump:

Says a high school student: "I won't allow myself to be trapped in some fake reality." A 22-year-old college student: "It just doesn't look like it'd be fun as a game." A 24-year-old company guy says "It's more fun to enjoy myself in the real world."

Keep in mind that this is Famitsu readers only, and there are some who are excited about Home. Somewhere.

Miyamoto in Famitsu [Next Generation via Insert Credit]


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