Sony Still Undecided On New PlayStation 3 SKU?

ps3_skubar_round_30.jpgMultiple sources have pointed to a 120GB version of the PlayStation 3 replacing the 80GB model, rumored to be extinct at retail soon. According to a report from GameDaily, however, that talk may be premature. The outlet writes that it has a source close to Sony indicating that the company is still working on its product strategy, that "nothing is final yet".

The report goes on to mention that Sony may be looking at differentiating the two versions of the PS3 by including 160GB worth of storage and packing in a DualShock 3 controller. If accurate, it would appear that the successor to the top-tier version of the console isn't arriving any time soon.

Ugh. Someone, please, stop the PlayStation 3 SKU ride. We want to get off.

Source: Sony Mulling Over PS3 SKU Strategy [GameDaily]


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