Southpeak Getting Roogoo All Over XBLA

First SouthPeak delivers Things on Wheels to the Xbox Live Arcade, and now they're dropping Roogoo on it. What is Roogoo? According to SouthPeak and developer SpiderMonk, Roogoo is a frantic puzzle game in which you try to drop geometrical shapes through rotating discs in order to save the planet Roo and the Roogoo race, which look like cute little teddy bears you just want to cuddle. According to Symantec, Roogoo is adware that installs a Layered Service Provider that monitors network traffic. I'll take the second one please. Roogoo should be available for Xbox Live Arcade and PC this spring, and I'll buy it simply for the fact that it has a cheerful bear flying across the bottom of the screen pooping rainbows. That's all I ever wanted.


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