Spielberg Game Will Induce Tears, Emotion?

spielberg.jpg Steven Spielberg's EA game - of which we still know precious little - was being talked up the other day at the Imagina 2008 summit. Specifically, the emotional impact EA are hoping the game will pack, even going so far as to suggest it may bring a tear to your eye. EA's Glenn Entis, speaking on the game's emotional potential:

We believe the Spielberg game will set a new bar. It's a brilliant team and we also think that if any creative collaborator has the instincts for it, Steven Spielberg does because he's the Steven Spielberg of directors.

Wait, so this Spielberg game will be all emotional? With tears? We were promised the Steven Spielberg of directors, not the Nora Ephron of directors.
IMAGINA: When Tech Meets Emotion [Next-Gen]


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