Spielberg's Boom Blox Revealed

Director Steven Spielberg's 2005 deal to create original games with EA comes a step closer to bearing fruit as they unveil their upcoming Wii title, Boom Blox. While we had a general idea and were then given a name , we now get a full reveal of Spielberg's action-puzzle game a week and a half before it shows up at GDC - and for one I am relieved. When I first heard the term block puzzle tossed about, I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking some sort of Tetris clone. As you can see from the screen there, that's happily not the case at all.

Boom Blox is a family game about building blocks - stacking them up and knocking them down, without your parents having to yell at you when they accidentally step on one of them barefoot in the middle of the night. It features kid-friendly characters and what promises to be an interesting mix of creative and problem solving gameplay, which is exactly the sort of thing parents should be playing with their children.

"I am a gamer myself, and I really wanted to create a video game that I could play with my kids," said Steven Spielberg. "BOOM BLOX features an enormous amount of fun challenges and cool scenarios for your kids to solve or for you to master together."

Boom Blox features single player, co-op, and versus modes, and you'll also be able to use the Create Mode to remix any of the game's levels using props and characters unlocked in the main game, sharing them with friends via WiiConnect24.

It certainly sounds like Spielberg and EA are delivering one hell of a lot of gaming when Boom Blox hits store shelves this May. The only question that remains now is how it plays - and we'll be sure to answer that come the February 18th start of the 2008 Game Developers Conference. For now, check out some more screenshots and concept art from the fruit of Spielberg and EA's unholy union.


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