StarCraft Online Rumoured For China

starcraftonline.jpgIs StarCraft Online in the works? China's leading online gaming operator Netease is moving towards importing foreign games to enhance their stable of homegrown titles, and a Chinese news site reports that the first title they are looking to bring to China is Blizzard's StarCraft Online.

Caijing Magazine reported that the first foreign online game to be operated by Netease, which used to rely on independent R&D, will be Starcraft Online, developed by US-based Blizzard, quoting an industry insider as saying.

Of course as any knowledgeable Kotaku reader knows, industry insider can mean anything from company CEO to the guy who takes out the trash at the office, so without a concrete source this falls strictly on the side of rumour. Of course we do know that Blizzard is working on a new MMO, and if it isn't StarCraft then it is Diablo (or Lost Vikings!) there certainly could be a nugget of truth here. Sheer speculation or solid information? We'll know when Blizzard is damn well ready to tell us.

Netease said to be licensed foreign online game Starcraft Online [Trading Markets via]


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