Steam Welcomes Audiosurf This Friday

Independent Games Festival finalist Audiosurf is coming to Steam. Wait! Don't scroll away yet. Audiosurf is actually pretty cool, taking your existing music and generating race tracks and puzzle layouts for an intense rhythmic-puzzle-racer. It's kind of like F-Zero meets Klax meets Phase, if that helps. It also happens to be the one first Steam-bound titles to take advantage of the recently announced Steamworks, which means it will come packed with those delicious achievements. But wait... there's more.

If you snatch up Audiosurf, which comes in under ten bucks, you'll also get a copy of The Orange Box's official soundtrack. Can your PC even handle this much value?!

Audiosurf [Steam]


    Will this be available in Australia?


    "Wait! Don't scroll away yet."

    I can't believe this actually worked.

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