Still Alive Confirmed For Rock Band

Last night Valve held their GDC party at the lovely and white Temple Nightclub in beautiful downtown San Francisco, and a group from Harmonix were on the scene to catch a special performance by Jonathan Coulton, who you may remember as the writer behind the Portal ending song, "Still Alive". Towards the end of his set, Coulton and the Harmonix boys pulled out a surprise.

That is when we jumped on-stage and pulled out our Rock Band equipment piece by piece...When they got to the song list they scrolled through an almost infinite amount of DLC until eventually they stopped on one- "Still Alive" by GLaDOS

Remember the future Rock Band DLC found in file story from last Wednesday? Might wanna start paying it a bit more attention, cause this is one long shot that came true. Hell yes!

Valve Party at GDC + Special Preview of an Upcoming DLC Song [HMXSean's Blog - Thanks BatDan!]


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