Street Fighter IV May Get Expanded Roster For Console Ports

Let me pose a hypothetical situation. Say that Street Fighter IV were to be ported to home console. I know, I know! Wild stuff, but stay with me. If, in the odd chance that Capcom were to approve such a product, which they officially haven't yet, it could arrive with a stable of new fighters not seen in the arcade release. That's one nearly unbelievable future for Street Fighter IV, says the game's producer Yoshinori Ono in a new Wired Game|Life interview.

Ono tells Chris "Chun-Li Lighting Leg Spam" Kohler that SFIV home ports could see appearances from Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha or Ibuki from Street Fighter III, for example, and that the team is listening to fan requests with regard to the character roster.

According to the piece, sounds like Ono is taking the perception that Street Fighter III was limited to an "exclusive club" of fighting fans seriously.

Inside Street Fighter IV's Nostalgic Allure [Game|Life]


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