Street Fighter IV Welcomes Chun-Li’s Thighs, Classic Fighters



  • Not that sure about this yet. Its still seems more of a SF2 3D Remake than SF4.

    Thunder thighs is back in action though. I bless Capcom for that.

  • I have to say as a player of old SFII Turbo and none of the other ones, that I find this game much more accessible feeling. Like the previous person said it seems they are targeting people like me by showcasing the old cast. Whenever I tried games with SNK involved, there were like three extra bars, a million different stats and rule sets you could use, it just confused the hell out of me and there was virtually no way to explain all the differences. Like to get one match going I had to select four different format types it was crazy. Maybe people who followed it closely know what it all means but for me, I just want to kick someone’s face in. Now it looks like I can do that once again.

    Oh, and I love Sagat.

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