Street Fighter IV's New Character Has A New Look

The only new addition to the Street Fighter IV cast is the mysterious Crimson Viper. Capcom hasn't released much in the way of story details surrounding the fighter, but she does have a bit of an updated look, according to new marketing materials released today. See if you can spot the differences between old Crimson Viper on the left and new on the right. The publisher definitely wants you to know that her belt buckle and the buttons on her sleeve are now green. Consider me in for one full priced Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet as of right now, Capcom! I'm a slave to green belt buckles!


    I see the giant purple space worm is still sucking the brains out of her head though.

    Better start saving for the Viewlix/Type x2 cabinet then :P

    Looks like a lesbian folk singer from the year 2020.

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