Super Mario World Explores Quantum Physics

Who said games aren't educational? It may not have the sex appeal of my personal time-merged favorite, The 1K Project II for Trackmania Sunrise, but the ensuing write-up, which helps explain quantum theories with a SNES classic gives it an intellectual bonus. The Super Mario World hack, by the way, is known as Kaizo Mario World and looks infinitely unenjoyable. What you're seeing above is 134 playthroughs of Kaizo layered upon each other using a custom SNES emulator.

Super Mario World vs. the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics [Mechanically Separated Meat - thanks, Ricky!]


    wow, that was the first article on quantum theory that I actually understood, and not come out totally mindrooted.

    i guess one could add that to mario's rapidly increasing resume.

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