Talking Up GTA IV's Drunkening Technology

We're all big fans of NaturalMotion's Euphoria animation system. Replacing canned animation with real-time model "simulation" is a huge step for games, both in terms of graphics but even more importantly in terms of gameplay, since with Euphoria no two attacks or moves will ever end the same way. The tech will feature in stuff like SW Force: Unleashed, Indiana Jones and Backbreaker, but we'll get our first real good look at it when GTAIV hits in April. And nowhere will it be better displayed than when star Niko...gets his drink on and has to stumble his way home, drunk off his tits.

There is a drinking mini-game in very detailed form where you can get drunk and he can actually then stumble around and you have to get home. But all of that is fully simulated. So, it is not based on animation any more. It is actually all synthesized on the CPU. Which means that it has a completely different outcome every time you play.

Realism schmlerism. Real-life drinking always has the same outcome. Least for me it does. Tears, hangover, fry-up breakfast. Wash, rinse, repeat. Simulate that, NaturalMotion.
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    Does it turn ugly girls that you'd never consider into hot girls that you must have like in real life too?

    Awesome, I've been keeping an eye on this Euporia tech for a long time and I can't wait to finally see it in action.

    On another note though, I'm just waiting for the controversy to pop up regarding GTAIV influencing people to drink and drive.

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