Team Fortress 2 Thursday Update Brings New Maps, Changes

Valve has its own Team Fortress 2 Valentine's Day gift planned for fans, a Whitman's Sampler of a Steam patch that brings with it new map "Badlands" and a slew of tweaks, changes and bug fixes. There's some general housekeeping being done with SourceTV and the Source Engine itself, but the patch makes changes that should affect gameplay on popular maps like Dustbowl, as well as fun updates like "Added flamethrower 'sizzle' sound when the Pyro is hitting a target."

These updates are for the PC version only, with no new information on when Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 The Orange Box owners can expect their goodies. Interested parties can read up on all the changes that are sure to be the bane of TF2 players' girlfriends at the official site.

Updates for TF2, Source Engine, SourceTV Coming Tomorrow [Steam]


    This is the first set of good changes for the game in a long time. the pyro flame mechanics which are brokenas it is will at least now be usuable, and badlands is a much needed new map to the small map rotation.

    yay new stuff. Good on valve to keep updating and tweaking their products.

    I like the addidtion of a sound for when you are actually hitting someone with the flame. Too long has it been a bit of a fire and hope for the best kind of thing, especially at a bit of a range.

    I may actually play Pyro now

    Pyro is the best class by far all other classes pale(or burn) in comparison('cept maybe engineer when he mows me down, time and time again!).


    I love this game! However, i only have it on xbox. Godamit are they releasing it for consoles or not?

    Finally! I always hated how you when you flamed a guy you could never tell if he was just outside your range.

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