Teens Charged in Death Over PSP

Two teenagers have been charged in the death of James Felton-Maitland, 17, who was hit by a truck in Miami and killed while running from the teens bent on stealing his Playstation Portable, Miami-Dade police said.

Police sayd that Jamila "Jam" Brown, 19, and Keith Lebrone Goa, 17, spotted Felton-Maitland as he walked from North Dade Regional Library on Dec. 27 with a PSP in his hand. The two knocked the teen to the ground and "beat him while attempted to take custody of the PSP," according to the arrest report. The teen managed to escape with his PSP and ran across a street where a truck slammed into him, causing severe head trauma.

He died Jan. 5.

Initially the Florida State Patrol ruled the death an accident, but the family hired a private detective and pamphleted the neighborhood with flier seeking witnesses. After tracking down the teens who allegedly tried to rob the boy, they handed their information over to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

The teens, one of which later confessed, were arrested on charged of second-degree felony murder and strong-arm robbery. In Florida, anyone who commits a violent felony that results in death can be charged with murder.

2 charged in teen's death over PlayStation [Miami Herald]


    Wow, poor guy.

    That is horrible. I really feel for his parents =[

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