Tell Us Your Obsolete Gaming Skills

This is cute. Over at the Guardian Unlimited's Games blog, they've got a nice post up that covers obsolete gaming skills. You know, those skills that we don't use anymore! Because, we've advanced and evolved. Guardian has a couple nice examples — as do the Guardian's comments. Those are:

• Installing PC games using MS-DOS (and often boot discs)
• Switching auto-fire on and off during a game
• Blowing into a catridge to get the damn thing to work
• Trying to grab every single extra life to use on a difficult final boss
• Getting into actual playground fights about who was better, Mario or Sonic. Now that was extreme fandom rather than all this message board fighting that modern console rivals do.

Anything other ideas? Let's hear 'em!
What Are Your Obsolete Gaming Skills? [Guardian Unlimited][Pic]


    Having to construct an autoexe DOS boot disk with my dad so that I could play games like Savage Empire and Seven Cities of Gold. Because our PC back then didn't have enough free memory once you got into Windows 3.1

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