Ten or Fifteen Bucks, How Much Will You Pay?

So, everyone's pretty excited about Bionic Commando: Rearmed. But how excited are you? Excited enough to pay $US 10 or $US 15? The game's producer Ben Judd is asking which people want to pay. Why? Ben Judd hates money, obviously. He writes:

...the team and I fell in love with the game and ended up putting a lot more time, effort, and money into the project than initially planned. Personally, since the goal is to make this game for the fans and to get the world to see what makes Bionic Commando so special, I want to sell it for about $US 10.

However, some of the suits are suggesting that since the game is of such a high quality, has a ton of new modes, and has gotten a fantastic response from users, that we should go with a $US 15 price point.

To be quite honest, not everyone internally is sold on the idea of doing a full-blown remake of the original. Some think that we can go the simple "meta-emulation" route, put on a fresh coat of paint, and release the game without any tweaks or new modes. After all, that is the standard right now. Most of these games sell for $US 10 but aren't anywhere near the quality of BCR.

There is also my biggest concern: I want 2D gaming to live on. Gaming was forged on the innovative gameplay of 2D games, and maybe I'm a bit of a fossil but I want it to continue to evolve over time. Since BCR wasn't cheap, turning a profit won't be easy but without doing so it will be hard to justify this type of a production for future games.

So the question stands:

How much would you sell BCR for? And as always, since you, "the community" is an important part of the puzzle, we want to hear from you.

So, considering how BCR is a from-the-ground up remake, how much would you pay? Keep in mind two things: Some internally were totally against the "full blown" remake. That, and Ben Judd hates money.
Bonic Commando: Rearmed Price Point [Official Site]


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