The Answer To Guitar Hero IV This Year

While we never really had any doubts that Activision's next installment of the Guitar Hero franchise would reach us this year, we've yet to hear anything concrete from the company outside of the Blizzard merger fact sheet issued in early December. Now one giddy British band may have unofficially spilled the beans. The band is called The Answer, and in a recently issue press release they proudly announce that their song "Never Too Late" was one of twenty picked by Activision last month out of over two-hundred submissions at the Marché international de l'édition musicale industry trade show to appear in Guitar Hero IV at the end of 2008. Eurogamer contacted Activision for their response but received only the standard "No comment." It's almost non-news, really. We knew it was coming out, and I guess now we know one of the songs. Hooray!

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