The Best PSPhone Mock-Up We've Seen So Far

Is a PlayStation phone in the works? Oh, absolutely. Or not. We've gone back and forth so many times with quotes from gabby Sony Computer Entertainment Europe execs that we're totally confused at this point. But the rumor that a PSP capable of making a phone call—that isn't via Skype—keeps popping up. Most recently, a blurb in Sony Magazine hinted that such a device was in the works, even pointing to a February release date. Good luck with that.

If a PSPhone does exist, this mock-up is one of the better ones we've seen. The scan, courtesy of NeoGAF member metalmurphy, is clearly labeled as fiction, with the article estimating that such a product has a 35% chance of coming to market. Pretty, yes, but maybe we're just distracted by the Millenium Falcon. A PlayStation Phone, while not a terrible idea, won't be replacing my iPhone any time soon.

Sony Ericsson PSPhone [NeoGAF]


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