The Far Cry Movie Trailer Is Par For The Course For Uwe Boll

This trailer for Uwe Boll's film adaptation of Far Cry is sure to put asses in movie theater seats. Snappy catchphrases in the making like "I haven't said anything about being simple" and the gleaming star power of Til Schweiger are going to go a long way to ensuring that Crytek's game becomes a massive blockbuster. Is it me or is there an out of place punch-in-the-face sound effect near the end?


    I'm not so sure about Uwe Boll... But if General Hammond is in it... Dam.. My inner geek, it commands me. Seems Uwe Boll does know how to get arses in seats. This better not suck like Bloodrayne.

    * Finger Crossing Sound Effect *

    Thank you Uwe, underwhelming as always. I think that trailer gave me cancer.

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