The History of Dragon Quest

Gamasutra posted a great breakdown of one of my favorite series, Dragon Quest (née Dragon Warrior), all in a mere 10 pages — lengthy, but worth a read through if you're a fan of the games. After a flying introduction on why Dragon Quest has been very popular, the author takes a detailed look at each installment of the series.

Throughout its life, Final Fantasy constantly reinvented itself, keeping certain aspects but bucking trends with each iteration. On the other hand, Dragon Quest has been strongly about keeping with tradition. All of them take place in the same European-style medieval world. All of them feature the same key staff members — Horii, Toriyama, and Sugiyama. As a result, the method of storytelling, the characters, the battle system and the style of music is pretty much the same throughout. It's a series that prides itself not only on familiarity and nostalgia, but also in its consistency.

I'm not sure Final Fantasy deserves credit for 'constantly reinvent[ing]itself,' since I do wonder how many mopey, bizarrely coiffed heroes of dubious renowned one company can churn out, but be that as it may — it's a fun and nostalgic look back at one prolific series.

The History of Dragon Quest [Gamasutra]


    For a very consistent world it's pretty damn different in the games I've played: DQ8 and DQ Rocket Slime, they had some stuff in common but hell Rocket Slime had giant Gargant tanks with Slimes firing themselves out of the cannons. Guess you could argue it's a side game.

    A limited sample of the games I know but also the only 2 to be released in PAL land :(

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