The Officially Unofficial Metal Gear Solid 4 Box Art

Konami recently revealed the official Japanese box art for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to overseas publications, but we've only seen it in standard scanned-in, postage stamp-sized form. That's really annoying as Westerners, because we should have the option of super-sizing everything.

Thanks to reader Joe, we have a fantastic mock up of what Japanese gamers will be getting when the game ships in June, one based on authentic MGS4 assets. It's perfect for printing out and staring at for hours on end while life passes you by.

For an even bigger version of the almost real thing, right click, save as, pick a folder. Thanks a million, Joe!


    What I'd like to know is where "reader Joe" gets his assets. Because Shinkawa artwork is always "DO WANT".

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