The Original Xbox Logo Was Blue (No Surprise)

When most of us think "Xbox," we think green, or, "sickly green" as it was recently described to me by Microsoft's marketing team from Wunderman. And it's an important point, since green has been the unifying theme between Xbox and Xbox well as between Xbox and Halo, where we see the color shared by the box's "X" and Master Chief himself.

But green wasn't always intended to be this sort of go-to color for the Xbox. Originally it was blue, as seen in this logo from a pre launch Xbox shirt. Crazy, isn't it? But Microsoft choosing between blue and green is cliché to their track record that it's almost funny. You don't know what I mean? Hit the jump for some photo proof:

95_retro_03.gifWindows 95

WindowsXP_default.pngWindows XP

Windows_Vista_Desktop.pngWindows Vista

The defense rests, your honor.

Did you ever hear about Xbox "Blue"? [SeattlePI]


    I didn't realise that at all regarding Window's green and blue theme. That's kind of funny.

    Personally I thought that the Xbox logo was green instead of blue because it would have looked too similar to Sony's Playstation advertisements of the PSX era, when they used the controller button's a fair bit for promotions.

    Either that, or because when DirectX9 was released, it had a green spinning box on the video card test.

    the blue one reminds me of xmen too much lol.

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