The Princess Peach Freeze Frame to End All Peach Freeze Frames

Last week, we posted Princess Peach and Zelda's Super Smash Bros. Brawl upskirts. That was risky. Now, we bring you this compromising Peach SSBB shot that isn't just risky, it's MAXIMUM RISKY. You've been warned!

Thanks, rhoddi!


    I think it is soooo disturbing that someone would bother to do that. And that's not just me as a lay person, that's my qualified clinical interpretation.

    Yeah, thats pretty messed up

    Its fucking Super Smash Bros

    It's funny when you freeze it randomly and see pikachu with its head up someones ass, but this is just wrong.

    Oh get the fuck over it. It's not "disturbing" in the least. It's simply an exploration of the amount of detail Nintendo put into their character models. Get off your fucking pedestal.

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