The PS2 Is Still Buttering EA's Bread

Buried amongst the rubble of EA's Q3 fiscal results are some details on not only how each platform is doing for EA, but what EA is doing for each platform. Did you know, for instance, that for all the sheen and luster of current-gen consoles, the PS2 was EA's biggest bread-winner for the quarter? Or that they released more mobile games than DS and PSP titles combined? Do now!

Total revenue by platform:

PlayStation 2: $US 301 million
Xbox 360: $US 196 million
PC: $US 148 million
Nintendo Wii: $US 139 million
Nintendo DS: $US 122 million
PlayStation 3: $US 102 million
PlayStation Portable: $US 74 million
Mobile: $US 38 million
Xbox: $US 3 million
Game Boy Advance: $US 2 million
GameCube: $US 1 million

FYI, they also list the revenue raked in from co-partnered deals, which are games EA distributed, like The Orange Box, Crysis and Rock Band. They accounted for $US 320 million. Now, the number of games released by platform:

Mobile Games: 13
PlayStation 2: 7
Nintendo Wii: 7
Xbox 360: 5
PlayStation 3: 5
Nintendo DS: 5
PC: 4
PlayStation Portable: 4
iPod: 4
Mac: 3

Only 4 PC games and yet it made so much cash? Remember, that was only the number of games they released new last quarter. The Sims is a little older than "new"

EA Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2008 Results [EA][Pic]


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