The Street Fighter IV AOU Trailer

Capcom released the above Street Fighter IV trailer today, the one recently looped at the AOU arcade tradeshow in Tokyo, Japan. It may be your first look at characters like E. Honda, Blanka, Abel and Zangief in motion. The in-game action is interspersed with a remixed version of the Ken versus Ryu battle, with new footage of Chun-Li and Crimson Viper that spins the watercolor aesthetic seen in previous cinematics. The HD version at GameTrailers may give you a better appreciation for the game's animation. Thoughts?

Street Fighter IV AOU 2008 Amusement Expo English Trailer HD [GameTrailers]


    C. Viper and Chun Li seem to have a rivalry of sort...Well, now that we got the originals out of the way...What else is in there? IS there a new boss? Is sitting on opponents Chun's new winpose?

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