The Super Mario Galaxy Miracle


Those of you who have been following the site regularly probably know that my wife isn't a gamer. In fact she's slightly an anti-gamer, but she puts up with me. She doesn't, however, ever have any interest in playing games, or watching myself or my son play games, or even talking about games. So we don't, at least around her. And it's really not a big deal. I have plenty of other things going on in my life, so gaming doesn't have to be a part of every bit of it.

Over the weekend Tristan and I decided to play through more of Super Mario Galaxy. About 30 minutes into our session, my wife wandered down to fix herself a drink at the bar. Then she sort of wandered over to the couch where we were sitting to play. Then she sat down!

What the hell? I thought, but tried not to show my surprise. The last thing I wanted to do was have her walk off.

She watched for a little bit, and then started asking questions. What do you have to do? She asked. And Tristan explained. We were on one of the boss battles, one that we kept losing at. Tristan, who was playing shotgun, was helping out quite a bit by freezing the things being thrown at me.

After we beat the boss, Trish sat through a chapter of the story and then both of us went upstairs to start cooking dinner.

What was that? I asked as we sorted out the meal.


You hate games?

Yeah, but that one was really cute.

If Miyamoto can make a game that my wife not only refers to as "cute", but is willing to watch then he's really found the key to mainstreaming gaming. The question is will that translate to more people playing his games? It's probably too early to tell for my wife, but it seems to be the case for quite a slew of gamers.

What is it about the Wii, do you think, that makes gaming less, I don't know, threatening, or perhaps boring? Is it the control scheme, the graphics, the subject matter. Does it time release opiates into the air?


    Ditto here. My Girlfriend and I have had a PS2 and about 40 games between us for a year and havnt played together. But with a Wii we play all the time.

    while this is very true and SMG could have been a true 'gateway game' (SMG is the first game I've ever seen my wife pick up a controller to try by herself), they completely blew their collective foot off by ending the first stage in a boss battle... (Seriously, the first frickin stage?!? - 5 deaths later and she was over it...)

    One of the many design flaws in SMG that have been glossed over by the review community. Almost as bad as all the Halo 3 reviews that forgot to mention the single-player campaign is so badly designed its damn near broken...

    wario ware: now my girlfriend plays on the wii more than i do.

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