There Will Be No 1UP Conversion Rating Table

So, yes, the 1UP team (including EGM and Games for Windows) have ditched the 1-10 review scale. Whew, good! As we previously posted, in their place will be a school-like grading system, with titles ranked between A+ and F. The changes will take place during March on 1UP, in the April issue of EGM and the April/May issue of GFW. So if an "A+" is a "10", what is a "B" or a "B-" on 1UP's previous scale? Says 1UP Network editorial director Dan Hsu:

We're not publiciding the conversion scale because we want our readers to go with our new scoring system and not be constantly translating the new letters back to our old scores. We also don't want our reviewers to be thinking about how they translate. It's just easier for us to have everyone move forward and accept the new ratings. But most people can figure it out. Our old "average" in the 5 range roughly translates to the C letter grades (with plusses and minuses), for example.

Smart of them not to make a conversion table. What would the point of switching over be then?
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