These Songs Are Not In Rock Band (But Really Should Be)

I'm sick of Rock Band updates that don't appeal to me (recent news of Faith No More notwithstanding). Sick of boring, repetitive songs from big-name bands. Sick of the number of songs offered that, you to do as advertised: namely rock. So I figured I'd go one better than the usual "oh I wish it had more Iron Maiden" I see in every Rock Band post comments section and put this together. Here, then, is my totally biased, totally objective, totally exhaustive list of tracks that could and should be featured in future Rock Band DLC updates.

The main prerequisite for making this list? The song had to rock. And in the case of the ones that don't necessarily rock (B.B. King, for example), they're there to break things up, like Guitar Hero I did so successfully with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bowie. Also, I tried (and failed) to go for artists not previously featured in either Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and artists that may be a little less known than the big-label, big-name bands that we normally get 3-4 times a month. Finally, I tried (and again failed...with individual explanations below) to make sure every song was varied and interesting to play, not just listen to.

The Melvins - "Honey Bucket"

Clutch - "Burning Beard"

B.B. King - "The Thrill Is Gone"

Mastodon - "March Of The Fire Ants"

Quiet Riot - "Cum On Feel The Noize"

Van Halen - "Hot For Teacher"

The Surfaris - "Wipe Out"

Slayer - "War Zone"

Queen - "We Will Rock You"
Note: Little drummer-heavy, yes, but its value as a party song more than outweighs this.

Soundgarden - "Jesus Christ Pose"

Unsane - "Scrape"

Kyuss - "Whitewater"
Note: Not the real video, obviously, since there isn't a real video. Probably best suited for a game-ending, Freebird-esque experience.

The Bronx - "History's Stranglers"
Note: NSFW

Judas Priest - "You've Got Another Thing Comin"

Jon Bon Jovi - "Blaze of Glory"
Note: I once won a karaoke competition singing this. For real.

Refused - "New Noise"

Anthrax - "Anti social"

Hey, Harmonix? These suggestions come totally free.



    Mastodon, Refused and Soundgarden I fully approve of.

    I always assumed that Rockband's track listing was limited by the vocals, as you couldn't really rate a kareoke performance in game when the vocals are screaming/growling the whole time, but then that whole idea got busted ass when they announced the thrash pack for March.

    As for my single wish for Rock Band, any Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan or even Tool would be amazing/near impossible to play on drums, so therefore, it should definitely be included (it'd be a challenge for those who are bored of expert :D)

    It'd be nice to see Rock Bottom by UFO, Black Star by Yngwie Malmstein, Layla by eric clapton, to name a few...

    Mastodon + Clutch + B.B. King = Respect.

    While I love Clutch as much as the next man with good musical taste, Burning Beard isn't exactly a non-repetitive track, musically. Not that I'd mind rocking those riffs, mind.

    Good taste all round, Luke.

    *gasps* The Bronx?! They're my most favouritest band ever! So happy you included them in your list. I've been wanting them in Guitar Hero for ages but they're definitely more fitting for Rock Band. I hope they get at least one song in there - I wanna get my Jorma on! *air drums*

    Also, they seriously need some Against Me!

    Totally agree with The Bronx, however I think there are better Soundgarden tracks, like Burden in my Hand or even Rusty Cage. I don't know, Jesus Christ Pose is a great song to listen to but I don't think it'd last the test of time and the guitar sections are a little off.

    There's always Black Hole Sun too ya know haha.

    I'd like to see some Murderdolls, Tool, Marilyn Manson, Soilwork, Bloodhound Gang, Static X & Devil Driver.

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